An Epiphany Prayer

A prayer for the day of Epiphany, by Karl Barth:

Lord, our God, dear Father, you have loved the world, in that you sent your only begotten Son, so that all who believe in him will not perish, but have eternal life. Write this on our hearts and minds now, and enlighten our understanding that in his death, the old person in each of us is also dead, and that in his resurrection, the new person is born in each of us. Teach us to believe and in faith to go from death to life. You loved us first. Do not leave us in lovelessness, in indecisiveness, and in the cold.

We ask that you empower your community everywhere, and that you preserve and renew it, that it may joyfully and clearly proclaim your name, your will, and your kingdom. We ask that among our time’s troubled humanity you make living and fruitful the free witness of the old, which must pass, and of the new, which must grow. We ask that all those who rule may be advised, may decide and may act responsibly before you. We ask that you bless the mission to the unbelievers, the education of the youth, and the care of all the oppressed and suffering through the presence and the light of your Spirit. We ask for comfort and help for all the sick, the prisoners, the abandoned, and the confused. We ask that each one of us may be mindful of your eternal faithfulness for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Read more prayers like this in Fifty Prayers.


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