Happy Solstice

This time of year, especially on the solstice, I reflect on the days & seasons. God has built into the mechanics of the cosmos a reminder that darkness pivots into light; the cold & quiet of death, in the loss of plants and animals, will lead again to an abundance of life. We are living in a time of redemption. If that doesn’t make you feast and celebrate, even in the darkness, then nothing will.

Yes, I know that the days & seasons are cyclical; summer’s transition to winter is as inevitable as winter’s into summer. The question is always, where will the cycle stop? Will it end with abundance or death?

God has promised that he is a God of life, not death. All the way back in Genesis 1, he set a pattern that he is moving things from chaos and emptiness to order and abundance. Our faith is in that promise.

And so like the lyricists of the Ancient Near East, we believe that winter is temporary and summer is eternal; the wheel stops at noon, not midnight. In that promise we rest and rejoice.


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