“I never hear from God” – part 1

In an recent exchange of messages with a friend, she relayed that her daughter had recently said that she never “hears” from God. This is a tough issue for anyone. I think at some point in their maturation in faith, everyone has to figure out what they think about relating to an unseen God. And that’s not easy.

A couple thoughts came to mind, neither of which was probably very helpful to her, but I thought I might relay them here.

First, this is a great time to focus on the centrality of Jesus to the Christian faith. Yes, our God is unseen today, but it has not always been that way, and it won’t always be that way. Our Savior is a person, a living human being, and the faith of Christianity is that we’ll see & talk to him, face to face.

More than nearly any other faith or worldview (including secularism, which is so often platonic or gnostic), Christianity takes the tangible, embodied nature of humanity seriously. Humans are meant to be both body & soul, not one or the other. And Christianity addresses how God will redeem both and begins that even now. So we can be encouraged that the distance between ourselves and God is temporary and is being fixed by the person & work of Jesus.

I’ll post the other thought tomorrow, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.


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