A prayer for 2015

Our Father in heaven,
We thank you that you are here with us and we can call on you and listen to you. You know each of us, down to the smallest thought and most hidden detail. Before your eyes none of us is righteous, and yet you have not forgotten or rejected us. Quite the opposite! You have loved us from before the foundation of the world. You know what we need, and you give it to us freely. Thank you, Father, and please remind us often of your abundant love.

As we look ahead into 2015, some of us smile in anticipation, eagerly looking forward to something joyful that lies ahead. It’s good for us to revel in your kindness! Help us to see all good things as coming from your hand. Thank you for pouring your love out on us in such tangible and exciting ways. But we ask you to keep us from worshiping the good things you have given us instead of worshiping you. We are so prone to doing this, and so we pray: deliver us from this temptation, O God, and thank you for your giving us things to look forward to in the coming year.
Others of us peer into the coming year with anxiety and fear. Some sigh at the thought of the same old mundane life, and some cringe at looming threats that cast their shadow over our very lives. Is there a way around 2015, to just skip it somehow? But that isn’t an option. So what else can we do but cry out to you and entrust our safety to you? As we walk through the calendar, please remind us that you are with us always, even to the end of our days. Give us confidence that you will somehow use every day, even our worst ones, to build us up and not tear us down.
All of us ask you, Father, to pour out your Holy Spirit on us in these coming months. May this be a year in which we grow in our understanding of you, ourselves, and each other. Give us new life and encourage us to step forward along the path that you have set for all of us, as we follow Jesus, our Savior. Amen!

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