A prayer for those who are struggling spiritually

O God our Father,

For centuries now your enemies have tried to tear down your church. In all times and places and situations, from times of persecution to times of security, the world and the devil and our own flesh have tried to pull us away from your security. Sometimes it’s been by yanking and pulling; other times it has been by letting us drift away under our own power.

The truth is that we are weak, and in ourselves it doesn’t take much at all for us to be severed from your safe & loving hand. But you, O God, never let that happen. You cling to us with a resolve that is greater than any of your enemies and with a love for us that is immeasurably greater than our love for you. Forgive us for our sins, we ask, and thank you for your love, we pray.

Thank you for coming to us when we need it most, and we ask that you would come to all our brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling, physically but especially spiritually. Today many in our Christian family are suffering in their souls in ways that we can barely imagine, and there is often so little that we can do, except to pray.

And so we pray for them, our beloved family around the world. When they are too weak to hold their own, when the world and the devil threaten to undo them, when their own flesh makes them unable to cling to your promises, we ask that you would uphold them and make them strong. Spirit of Christ, strengthen them! Instead of flagging into defeat, we pray that you would help them to resist their enemies and give them the fullness of victory in their spiritual struggle.

You are able to do all these things, and so we ask in the name of Christ and for his glory that you would come and do them. Amen.


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