The part of Romans we don’t read quite as often

I’m excited about the current preaching series at All Saints. Brad Chaney, our senior pastor, thought Romans chapters 12-16 would be a good place to start the new year. These are the intensely practical chapters of Romans. After writing about the glories of the gospel in chapters 1-11, the Apostle Paul writes about how the gospel changes our lives in chapters 12-16.

When we read through Romans, and especially when we preach through this letter, we tend to get a bit bogged down by this point. There is so much glorious gospel theology to think about in the early chapters that we can become overwhelmed by chapter 12. Brad’s idea was to focus in on those chapters and learn how we can daily live out the gospel.
It’s been a great way to start 2014, and I have very blessed by the first three sermons:
1) I opened the series, preaching on Romans 12.1-2 on 29 Dec.
2) Brian Frey, the Reformed University Fellowship Campus Minister at Boise State University, preached on Romans 12.3-8 on 5 Jan. This is an absolutely fantastic sermon.
3) Brad preached on Romans 12.9-21 this morning. The audio recording isn’t on the web yet, but it and all recordings of future sermons will be posted here.
I’m think it’s going to be a great series and I’m thankful to be a part of it.

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