Dying is necessary

“With God-fueled fire in his eyes, he reminded all of us that bearing fruit requires death. Jesus said we must die in order that we might live. Daily Christian living, in other words, is daily Christian dying: dying to our trivial comforts, soul-shrinking conveniences, arrogant preferences, and self-centered entitlements, and living for something much larger than what makes us comfortable and safe. God does everything through people who understand they’re nothing. And God does nothing through those who think they’re everything. . . .
” . . . [Christians need to be] people who understand that since Christ laid his life down for us, we must lay our lives down for others. . . . A gospel-saturated church is a church filled with people who give everything they have because they understand that in Christ they already have everything they need. . . .”
— John Wood, quoted in Tullian Tchividjian, Jesus + Nothing = Everything

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