Why everyone at All Saints should be looking forward to September

An article written for the All Saints Presbyterian Church August 2011 newsletter:


We all know that being a Christian is not something we do alone. That is one reason we go to church in the first place: we could (and should!) worship God on our own seven days a week, but we know that we need to come together to worship God on the Lord’s Day. It is something God has commanded us to do, and it is good for us.

Worship is central to what we do at All Saints, and it should be. But there is more to being a Christian than worshiping together on Sunday. We are called to live in fellowship with one another, serve God’s people and the world, train up our children in the Lord, share a meal, rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn. These kinds of things are central to what it means to be a Christian, and we know that we cannot do these things alone.

All Saints has Sunday School and Covenant Groups to help us fulfill our calling as Christians. The leadership of the church would like everyone at All Saints, members and visitors alike, to be involved in Sunday School and Covenant Groups. We believe that these two ministries are essential for our church to be a healthy Christian community. They will both resume in September soon after Labor Day, and we hope you will be involved.

This year Jeff Miller will be leading our children’s Sunday School. Jeff is a gifted educator who has spent many years as a teacher and administrator involved in Christian education in Boise, Texas, and Japan. He will be building on the solid foundation provided by Cheryl Gammon and all our teachers who served last year. We are thankful that Jeff and our teachers are willing to serve our children in this way.

Raising children who love Jesus is a difficult but important task. We encourage our parents to be faithful in bringing their children to Sunday School this year. We strongly believe that if parents bring their children and follow up by talking about their Sunday School lessons at home, they will see spiritual growth in their children.

Covenant Groups are a great blessing to our church. Getting together in a home, sharing a meal together, having real relationships, studying God’s Word and praying together: these are the kinds of things our souls crave. But they are difficult to do on Sunday morning, and our culture doesn’t encourage them either. Between work and our other commitments and pastimes, it can be hard to have the real fellowship that we truly need.

We encourage everyone at All Saints to get involved with a Covenant Group. We currently have several thriving groups, but only a small portion of our people are involved. We plan to expand our Covenant Groups this year to include more people and help All Saints grow as a Christian community.

We are excited about what God is doing at All Saints. We hope you are excited too and will be involved in September. If you would like to know more about Sunday School or you are interested in serving as a teacher, please contact Jeff Miller. If you would like to know more about Covenant Groups, please contact Brian Douglas.


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