My response…

… to the below letter.

Thank you for your letter in response to my article, ‘Why Christians should watch The Mask of Zorro’. Nowhere in that article do I suggest that Christians should forsake the Scriptures and get their theology from Hollywood, and I certainly agree with you that no film should supplant God’s Word as a ‘book for the laity’.

I do believe, however, that Christians should pay attention to the culture around them, looking especially for things that reflect the human heart’s recognition of the world’s imperfection and its yearning for salvation. Such things are sometimes wide-open doors of opportunity to share the gospel, and I believe the Zorro character can provide such an opportunity for the reasons stated in the article.

When we make use of such characters and other opportunities from popular culture, it is important to demonstrate how Jesus is greater than his cultural counterparts. Jesus is like Zorro in the ways I mentioned in the article, but he is far greater than Zorro in the various ways you mentioned – and many more.

I apologize if I did not make this clear enough in the Zorro article, but it is true of every one of the articles in this ‘Why Christians should…’ series. Our Savior far excells Henry V, Zorro, and anyone else I might compare him to in the course of the series – and that is indeed the point.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Douglas
Brighton, England


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